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Private Cloud: Blog Feed Post

Elastic IP: A Learning on Hybridfox

A much smaller Eucalyptus Private Cloud setup which had about 10 public IPs on offer

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Cloud Computing Expo - I know, I should not writing a blog post on a Friday. Forgive me people. I have blogged for about ten days now and it out guilt I do this.

There was one pretty good learning, after I had installed installed Hybridfox. This is the one about allocation and association of ip addresses. And it kind of took by surprise.

The other day I had got the XPI File for hydbridfox ready and passed around to some testers to play around with it. Basically, monkey test it.

And I gave them a much smaller Eucalyptus Private Cloud setup, which had about 10 public ips on offer. And one wrong thing i did was to give them all the admin access, as thats the only user i had created on this eucalyptus setup.

Now when you elasticfox/hybridfox on your AWS account and you tab to “Elastic IPs” all you see either no IP’s or the ones that are “allocated” to you, right? But when use the tool against my eucalyptus setup, with admin account what, i see is all the free pool of public ips.

Now the tester was just monkey testing the buttons on this tab. What he did was, click away the “Allocate” button to allocate all the address to the admin user, exhausting all the public ips.

Now when I tried to raise an instance, it just started to error out. Sadly, Hybridfox does not pick the error up to display on the alert box. So to see what was happening i went to console, and using euca2ools, i tried to raise an instance.

And I got this.

1 FinishedVerify: Not enough resources available: addresses (try --addressing private)

This kind of floored me for a movement. I was left thing what happened to those 10 ips.

Now we come to purpose of this post.

  1. Be vary about using admin account with hybridfox
  2. Understand Allocation does not mean automatic “Association” when a instance is raised

When you “Allocate”, an IP from the free pool of public IPs gets allocated to you. But that does not ensure association when new instance is raised.

So you need to manually “Associate” an allocated IP to the running instance.

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